I open my eyes

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I open my eyes. The ceiling is covered in cork tiles that appear to have been there for a while. A dried up water stain…

Under the brick – short story

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The following extract comes from the last few entries of a diary I found under a brick at 23 Victoria Grove. We had just moved…

A funny thing happened

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“I don’t know,” she said to the young male shop assistant who was offering to supersize her drink. “I don’t really want twice as much.…

Monkey wife

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I am a man who likes order and routine and I keep to one every day. I arise at 6.00am, toilet, have two large glasses…

My father’s lollies

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1. My Father was a great gardener. He could make vegetables sprout from the most unaccommodating soil. The aroma of fertiliser (just a nice name…

The man before the revolution

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Everyone was waiting for the revolution. They had all heard about others and the tremendous benefits a revolution would bring. They felt there was a…

I am the invisible man

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I am the invisible man. I have been invisible all my life. I walk past cars and they don’t notice me. Tall buildings that stand…

A pocket pebble

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I have a small, bronze coloured stone. It’s really a pebble, and it is the size and shape of a thimble that I have kept in my pocket for years.

Flash in the pan

In Things that happen to me

The Doctor asked me to sit down and pull up the leg of my knee. I knew this was going to happen, yet I still wore those pants to the appointment. They were tighter around the legs than I would have liked for this situation which I quickly found out as I started to pull them up.