The man before the revolution

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Everyone was waiting for the revolution. They had all heard about others and the tremendous benefits a revolution would bring. They felt there was a…

A pocket pebble

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I have a small, bronze coloured stone. It’s really a pebble, and it is the size and shape of a thimble that I have kept in my pocket for years.

I should give them a call

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Often, when I am walking to the bus stop, or out at the Supermarket, I reach for my mobile. “I should give my Mother a…

The law of spatial proximity in Lifts

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Try this when you next get into a lift with one other person. As you get in, make sure you stand as close as possible to the other person. What you’ll feel is extreme discomfit.

I miss her

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I can’t take my eyes off this piece of writing every time I see it. There is an honesty and a vulnerability that is hard…