My corona-love

She looks around and approaches. Our faces are so close I savour the scent of the anti-bacterial spray used to thoroughly clean her plexi face protector.

Dear God

People often ask me what it feels like to be literally married to something or something that you’ve never seen and never will.

The happy ever after

No one ever prepares you for “happy ever after”. No stories ever continue into that realm of the kingdom. Was this always inevitable and COVID has just sped up it’s arrival?

“Think, think, think”

He had always been told by his mother to think before he acted. “Think once, so you don’t have to think twice” she had said. “Think, think, think, boys and…

Do you come here often?

“Oh,” he suddenly realised his error, and quickly grabbed his drink from the bar “I apologise again …”

Down at the Funeral Parlor

“You know what Janey?” he said. “I heard there’s a good service down at the Funeral Parlor this afternoon.”

The Gods are no longer among us

I grew up in a different world populated with a different culture to that of my children. It’s not simply because of such superficial change agents as the internet or…

I open my eyes

I open my eyes. The ceiling is covered in cork tiles that appear to have been there for a while. A dried up water stain spreads across a number of…

Under the brick – short story

The following extract comes from the last few entries of a diary I found under a brick at 23 Victoria Grove. We had just moved in and I was cleaning…

A funny thing happened

“I don’t know,” she said to the young male shop assistant who was offering to supersize her drink. “I don’t really want twice as much. I don’t think I would…