Try this when you next get into a lift with one other person. As you get in, make sure you stand as close as possible to the other person.

What you’ll feel is extreme discomfit. The other person will definitely look at you in a strange way and actively search out the point of “most distance” from you.

This phenomenon is what I call the “Law of Spatial Proximity in Lifts”.

No matter how many people there are in the Lift, each will try to create a space that is equi-distant from the person next to them.

If there is just one other person and you’re in the right back corner. They will naturally be drawn to the diagonally opposite corner which will be the front left corner. Three people will create a triangle; middle back, left front corner, right front corner.

People do this unconsciously, so it can be a fun law to play with. The only ones who don’t are those who have no idea of space and would normally stand right in your face in the middle of an open park.

The other thing is taking your loved one into a Lift and holding them close. There is nothing more intimate that fighting all the forces of nature that are surrounding you at this point.

The Law of Spatial Proximity in Lifts is like the negative energy of two magnets when pushed together.

I suppose that’s why having sex in a Lift is such an achievement. Before cameras were standard equipment, I worked with a girl whose boyfriend would often pick her up for lunch.

For some reason the lifts would often stop working around this time.

I was actually in the lift one afternoon following lunch when he entered (the lift, that is). The boyfriend looked up at me and smiled. I stepped back into my space and stayed there making sure not to touch the walls or railing.