Today I planted some tomato plants. I always remember home grown tomatoes that my father had once cultivated in the small back yard, that was hidden away in a small suburb, in the middle of a sprawling city.

I remember the smell and the taste.

They were fragrant like nothing that ever made its way out of a supermarket. Each fruit had a strong flavour. It was ripe and full.

It played with your taste buds. It teased those taste buds into thinking that the world was a wonderful place.

Can a tomato make all this possible? Can it change the world and bring your childhood rushing back? I don’t really know, but I hope so. There is nothing like having slithers of soil between your fingernails. You smell your hands and they are like the soil; full of life, pulsing, organic, real.

I notice the tag on the plant says 10 weeks. Damn, I should just go to the supermarket and buy some.