Walk into any pet shop and there is a wall, yes a whole wall full of toys.

Toy bones, toy balls, toy squeezes, toy bowls, toy bats and more. So many more. Why hasn’t anyone thought about the toy people toys.

For example they should do a Toy Postman, Toy Jogger, and a Toy Dentist. You could have a Toy Robber; you know with the mask and the striped t-shirt. And what about the Toy Old Lady, complete with hair net and walking stick?

Now that’s an idea. These are all full size models made out of the same durable plastic that the toy bones are made out of. Except they are of people.

I reckon dogs would love them. It’s a perfect way for dogs to get back at humans. It would be great taking the dog to the park with the Postman under your arm. You let the dog off the lead and throw the postman; “Go fetch, Butch, go fetch, good boy.” Wow, you can imagine the looks on people’s faces.

Or take it to the beach and slowly just float the Toy Jogger out to sea and then get the dog to bring it back in and drag it up the beach to your towel. Sounds good to me. The only negative I can see if you happen to be a Postman.

You’d have to make sure that you weren’t wearing the uniform as you walked outside. If your father was a Dentist, it may cause some problems I can see. And it may be a little uncomfortable around Christmas when all your old Aunts come around for turkey and find they’re being seen as dessert.

But apart from that, it’s all good.