After years of saying how the best way to experience nature was through a postcard, we finally did the “country” thing. It was a way to get away from the city on weekends. A great way to recharge the batteries. Get some fresh air. You know the stuff.

Well, we finally did it and moved into the weekend home this weekend. I got up on Sunday morning. And this is what I saw over one of the water tanks on the property.

I walked out the back. There was a thin film of ice on the grass. The sun was just coming up over the hill.

Across the fields a cow mooed as it had mooed all night. A friend later told me that maybe the cow had had its calf taken away.

In the fields in front of me a herd of sheep happily munched on the grass.

It was still. And peaceful. It’s a different world.

And I wondered why it had taken so long to do this.

I picked a few logs of wood, some kindling and walked inside to light the fire.