I think I am, therfore, I am. I think.

fieldof flowers

I was listening to a podcast with designer Massimo Vignelli. He said the most interesting thing.

He said when you are designing, always look at the essence of things, not at their appearance. Appearance is something that wanes, it’s like fashion.

I am Italian born, grew up in Australia on a diet of American culture and English Literature. To me Italians have an unnerving honesty about them when they speak.

The Americans always make everything sound like they have just read a book on the subject; but there’s little emotional depth to the comments.

The English always want to portray that somewhere on the planet they still rule the world, but if they can find a carpet, they just may sweep everything under it before anyone looks too deeply into things.

If I look at myself, I am made up of all three. Funny isn’t it? I don’t know why.

In many ways I wish I was more honest and raw in my comments.

I wish I had the outlandish optimism and confidence of Americans.

And yet somewhere deep inside I yearn for the quiet reserve of the English. Damn!