My father’s joke

I visited my father last night and he told me this Joke. He has never told me a joke before. My mother had told me jokes before, but never my father. It was interesting. And the joke wasn’t too bad either.

Two great friends are killed in an accident. One goes to heaven, the other to hell.

Heaven is not too bad. The weather is always consistent, the food is excellent and the pillows are fluffy. However, the friend really misses his great former companion and would love to see him and have a chat. It is not encouraged and it takes years to get a pardon to go visit hell.

The friend arrives at the gates of hell and looks in.

He is amazed. He sees the most beautiful women; buxom, tall, blonde, scantily dressed, and absolutely gorgeous. There seems to be at least two for each man.

The friend can’t believe this. It’s supposed to be hell. He looks over the female flesh and he spies his great, former companion. He his surrounded by women in a hot tub.

They see each other and hug warmly.

“What is going on?” says the friend. “I thought this was supposed to be hell. We don’t get any of this up there.” his finger points to the heavens like a model in a Da Vinci portrait.

His former companion, stands and starts to climb out of the hot tub, beautiful, naked women move aside.

“Oh, it is, believe me. This is definitely hell.”

His friend notices something is missing. As his former companion climbs out of the tub, he notices that he has no penis. He looks around and none of the men here have a penis.